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De Valk Leadership Company trains and coaches managers and professionals in optimal use of the brain. Managing people or yourself is managing the brain. In training and coaching the participants learn to manage the brain. 

All your life, you develop habits, but often, these habits are not effective leadership habits or efficiently doing the work. Here, we can think of not handling stress too well, being too emotional, displaying ineffective work behavior, not empowering other people, being easily distracted, not connecting well. By leading your brain you will learn to develop new and more effective habits.


Leadership development

Leadership has a great impact on the performance of people. Lots of leadership habits even have a negative impact on the performance of the crew/team. Fortunately, it is not that complicated to change these habits. In our leadership training we focus on teaching the participants to become aware of their behavior and its effects on their environment (read: the mindset of the other). Besides this, we teach leaders how to change behavior, and we provide them with a leadership skill that is based on optimizing the use of not only their brain but also the brain of the other. Brain-based leadership is the best way to empower people.


Examples of in-company training are

Training Brain-based leadership
During this training, the participant learns to manage and lead with the knowledge of the working of the brain. Due to brain-based leadership they become experts in empowering people.


Training brain-based coaching
Getting the best out of people means that lots of people have to make a switch in their brain. That is a switch to a mindset of empowerment. In this training, the participants learn to make this switch. From directive to development.


Diversity of personal development training
In our view, it is a must that every employee knows how to manage his own brain. Managing your own brain is the most efficient way of personal growth.

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Less pressure, more results.

                • Mental Fit employers and managers
                • More time for leadership tasks
                • Better organizational results
                • Employees with ownership
                • Sustainable behavioral change
                • Empowered and engaged employees


Being distracted, the new standard?

On a Dutch website about leadership, I read an article with the title: “This is the most important skill of the manager of the 21st century!!!”. This title claimed my interest. What turned out to be? The new skill of the manager of the 21st century is about dealing with distractions. I read: ” Social…
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Brain-based leadership makes the difference

All companies should have sufficient knowledge of how the brain works and place this knowledge in their strategy. Applying this knowledge makes the difference in results, in dealing with stress, in getting the best out of your people, in ethical leadership, in behavioral change, and so on. This leadership, brain-based leadership, should be the new…
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Don’t take your thoughts so serious

Scientists calculated that an average brain makes 25,000-50,000 thoughts a day. (How many of these thoughts are you aware of?) This amount of thoughts means people have between 1,000 and 2,000 thoughts per hour if we include the night. That’s a lot. The brain automatically and reflectively produces these thoughts. One thought quickly follows the…
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By analysis you can’t change behaviour. But what can you do instead?

The analysing behaviour of managers has a negative influence on the speed of cultural and behavioural change. Managers have the habit of analysing behaviour and emotions frequently. To analyse can be very useful for business aspects. However, when it comes to change in culture and behaviour, analysis is often not effective. Too much analysing of…
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Empowerment: is your brain fit and focused?

Last year during the summer holidays I wasn’t doing anything in particular when it suddenly occurred to me that the titles of all my 3 books have the word “power” in them. The subtitle of my second book reads, roughly translated, “transforming force into power” and the subtitle of my last book “using the unlimited…
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Empowerment: being less directive and less nurturing

During a recent one-on-one evaluation with one of the participants of my brain based coaching training, I was more than pleasantly surprised by a remark one of them made. He said “I have learned that, in a dialogue with a co-worker, “my idea” is not what it is about. My idea is only an idea.…
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About us

De Valk Leadership Company is based in the Netherlands and founded by Guido de Valk. He is a Medical Doctor/General Practitioner and an experienced manager. He has written two books on neuroleadership. At this moment he is writing a new book about brain-based leadership. This book is expected in May 2020
It is De Valk Leadership Company’s mission to improve leadership, so we can get the most out of people. Lots of potential is unused because people are not using the brain well. We are a group of very dedicated and well-trained people who, with great joy and enthusiasm, and on a daily basis, train leaders, so they can improve their skills, and all this based on brain-based leadership.

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