Guido de Valk

Speaking Topic: Learn to work with your brain

Interactive keynote speaker


Performance improvement

Guido is the author of 4 books about leadership and the brain. In his latest work, Brain-Based Leadership, he focuses on how to improve performance by working with your brain. He introduced complete new concept. This concept helps you to improve your performance right away. The audience can start immediately after the talk with the new insights.


Leadership Development

Guido's latest book has the subtitle; Managing people means managing the brain. In his public talk, he explains why managers should have knowledge of the brain and how they can apply this knowledge in working with the brain — result: better-performing people with significantly better mental health.

brain-based working

Brain-based working

Typically people strive to achieve fast results with the focus on what can be done and how to do it. Brain-based working adds an extra element. it focuses on who is doing it. Can the person who is doing it perform better by using their brain better? In his speaking Guido inspires the audience to observe their brain and check if they use the brain in full extent.

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